Open-minded corporate culture
Metroxgroup believes that creativity goes hand in hand with differences. The talents in the groupvary from one individual to another. Ideas are consistently encouraged, and everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion.

Dynamic and youthful workforce
The dynamic workforce very much reflects Metroxgroup as a lifestyle retail company. There is an undeniable strong correlation between the creative workers and the contemporary lifestyle, which gives the groupthe upper hand when tapping the specific target market.

Vibrant international brands
As an innovative trendsetter, Metroxgroup is geared to raising the lifestyle bar. It does so by bringing in the vibrant and unique international lifestyle brands that will add value respectively to the fashion, active and wellness.

Well-tailored in-house brands
Metroxgroup goes a step ahead of the competition by producing house brands alongside distributing international products. This allows the groupto build a stronger consumer base and paves the way to the international market with the introduction of the house brands overseas.

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