Welcome to Metrox Group

Metroxgroup is a lifestyle retail group founded in 2004 by two aspiring visionaries, Together they envisioned a well groomed retail industry that brings the finest of lifestyle essentials to modern consumers. That notion then constituted the company`s pillars of retail businesses which range from international fashion and living brands to active & wellness products.

Our Brands

The fashion industry is a fast paced and dynamic environment with seasonal variations and trend fluctuations. Changing consumer penchants who always wants to be seen with the latest style is also placing high demands of fashion & lifestyle products in the market. Because it is important for us to stay on the lead, we thrive to bring the best brands to meet the market needs and focus on keeping pace with the industry developments.

We understand that health must come first before anything else in the world. With the increasing conscious of healthy lifestyle, fitness and wellness products have been growing in popularity. More people are taking care of their physical, mental, and social well-being as a deviation from performance. Metroxgroup walks on the proactive side by bringing top-notch fitness and wellness brands to improve health and enhance quality of life.

Living industries such as the furnishing, property and hospitality are inter-dependent. Thus, a boom in one of them would in turn accelerate the growth of the home and living industry where the demand for comfortable abode is increasing. Metroxgroup has jumped into the home d├ęcor and furnishing industry to meet the market needs by bringing and developing several living brands that put functionality align with modern living aesthetic.

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